More than 80% of Americans have experienced back pain in their lives and back pain ranks among the top concerns when seeing a doctor. Low back pain is the most common type of back pain and while there is no single solution to resolve it, Best Acupuncture Care has been shown to be a successful choice for many people.

It is important to first rule out the presence of neuropathic pain. According to the American Chronic Pain Association: “neuropathic pain is a complex, chronic pain state that usually is accompanied by tissue injury… the nerve fibers themselves might be damaged, dysfunctional, or injured.” Acupuncture is not shown to be an effective treatment for neuropathic pain, so determining this first source is important.

Women, especially near their menstruation cycle will also frequently experience low back pain. Acupuncture can help with multiple symptoms of PMS including cramping, headaches and nausea as well as anxiety and insomnia.

Research shows acupuncture is ace at treating PMS. One study found that acupuncture quelled symptoms in 78 percent of women… Most women experienced PMS relief within 24 hours after a session..” SOURCE: Women’s Health Magazine, May 4, 2012

There have been several placebo controlled studies to test acupuncture and the claim of pain relief. Overall these studies show acupuncture to be effective in pain relief, including low back pain, although they are not 100% clear why. The most common theories involve the increase of blood flow and the release of pain reducing endorphins.

However, those of us who practice acupuncture believe there are energetic pathways through the body and when any of these paths are disrupted, it impacts the body’s ability to function and heal properly. Acupuncture rebalances and opens this energy to allow your body to function in an optimal way. We also believe your body begins to understand when acupuncture is performed that it is increasing health. Your mind and body will cooperate with Best Acupuncture Care to allow the treatments to work more quickly and will teach your brain new ways of processing pain to reduce pain, including low back pain, and heal quicker.

The Clinical Journal of Pain reviews several pain related topics and includes several articles on the safe and effective use of acupuncture care for treating low back pain, without the need for potentially organ damaging medications. Best Acupuncture Care utilizes tiny needles about as thick as a human hair, by painlessly inserting them into specific points on the body. These needles are sterile, one-time use and very fine. A series of 8-20 needles are typically used in both local or distal acupuncture points to create low back pain relief.

Whether the low back pain of PMS is a recurring problem for you, or your low back pain is caused from extended time sitting or performing strenuous work, Best Acupuncture Care can help. We serve Lowry, Stapleton and Denver are residents, getting them back to ultimate health and providing low back pain relief.

Praise from one of our patients who had lower back pain:

“I first saw Dr. Kim about 5 years ago after being referred by a friend for help with my low back/sciatic pain. I literally could barely walk into the office! After about an hour of treatment, I was able to move about with very little pain. After a couple more treatments, I was virtually pain free. I have occasional flare ups, and they are easily taken care of with one treatment. Meanwhile, Dr. Kim has taken care of other issues for me: hay fever, insomnia, anxiety, hip pain among them.

I was skeptical when acupuncture was first recommended, but the results really speak for themselves! Now, when I have any health issue, the first thing I do is call Dr. Kim! In addition to the results, I also recommend Dr. Kim because he has a really great way with the patients, and as a busy person, I recommend him because I have NEVER had to wait beyond my scheduled time!”
-Andy Brewer