Back pain IS NOT inevitable! Here’s what you can do to alleviate it or prevent it.

Some Tips to Preventing Back Pain

  1. Avoid picking up something in a quick, jerky motion. Instead of bending from the waist, bend at the knees.

  1. Ask for help when lifting heavy items.

  1. When carrying several packages, balance the load on each side. If carrying one heavy item, carry with both arms in front, next to the body. If carrying to the side, alternate sides.

  1. For travel, use a collapsible luggage carrier and/or lightweight luggage with shoulder straps.

  1. When lifting packages out of a car trunk, position the packages close to the body before lifting them.

  1. When vacuuming, use a long-handled vacuum cleaner. Instead of bending from the waist to vacuum underneath items, kneel on one knee, using knee pads. If you must bend from the waist, then, when possible, use one hand to support yourself on something.

  1. When doing office work, alternate sitting at a desk with standing at a waist-high work surface.

  1. Kneel down when gardening, and break up the work into shorter segments. When standing do not bend from the waist.

  1. Do back exercises on a regular basis even if only for 10 to 15 minutes a day. Use moderate exercises if you are older.

  1. When making beds, kneel on the bed with one knee, and brace yourself with one arm when reaching across the bed. When straightening or tucking in sheets, kneel on the floor at each side of the bed.

  1. When driving long distances, take rest stops. If the back of the car seat is not comfortable, use a pillow to fill in the space where the seat does not fit the small of the back properly.

  1. Don’t jog on hard surfaces. Wear proper exercise shoes.

  1. Use a pillow or other back support when sitting in an easy chair or sofa. Get up slowly, using your legs to push up.

  1. If you spend hours sitting at work, get a chair that has a properly shaped back support. Get up at times, and move around.

  1. Don’t bend over file-cabinet drawers for any extended period, but sit on a chair when you can.

  2. If you have to wear high-heeled shoes during the day, bring a more comfortable pair to alternate with them when possible.

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