It is reported that 45 million Americans experience Chronic Daily Headaches.

This means 1 in 7 people will have mild to moderate headaches that occur for 15 days or more. Long lasting chronic daily headaches last more than four hours and aren’t known to be caused by another medical condition or due to another reason, such as toothache or illness.

Headaches tend to signify irregular brain activity that has several potential triggers, however if you find yourself taking a pain reliever daily or having more than two headaches a week, you may want to consider acupuncture..

According to John Hopkins Medicine, over 90 percent of patients with CDH (Chronic Daily Headache) have co-existing psychiatric problems, most often anxiety or depression (or both).

Acupuncture treats chronic pain and headaches as well as anxiety and depression, making it a holistic treatment option for chronic daily headache sufferers. It also treats some other factors that are associated with frequent headaches such as:

  • Hormone imbalances
  • Sleep disturbances like insomnia, sleep apnea, and snoring
  • Fatigue (that can lead to overuse of caffeine)
  • Chronic pain (which can lead to overuse of medication)
  • Obesity

A series of acupuncture sessions can help with both the pain and the underlying conditions that could be causing the chronic daily headaches. However, there are also headache signs that are considered emergency, and should be treated immediately, whether or not you are under acupuncture care.

Emergencies related to chronic daily headaches

It is suggested you see a medical doctor to rule out serious health concerns if you experience:

  • The need to take more than the recommended dosage of pain medications to relieve the pain
  • Increasing pain or the worst headache pain you have had before
  • The inability to perform normal daily functions
  • The headache comes on suddenly or includes vomiting
  • It develops as a result of a head injury
  • Fever and weakness
  • Accompanying confusion, double vision or blindness
  • Numbness, difficulty speaking, seizure or unconsciousness
  • and/or the pain lasts for over 72 hours

A treatment plan that includes acupuncture and assessment of triggers and addressing the underlying cause of the headaches is recommended for all patients with chronic daily headaches. Lifestyle changes can guide you into better health and wellness and less pain.

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