Migraines / Headaches

Are headaches and migraines interfering in your enjoyment of life?  Are you tired of being on pills and medications while your headaches and migraines continue to cause you pain?  Did you know that your headaches and migraines are considered “multi-factorial” in nature, meaning they are seldom caused by one issue.  

Perhaps you have too much stress in your life, sinus problems, muscular tension, hormonal imbalances, or even allergies.  

I want to put a stop to your migraines and headaches for good. I will listen to your body through an examination called a Chinese MRI, and we will use your body’s own healing powers to stop the endless pain of your headaches and migraines.


I want you to have a pain free life for good.

First, we will stop your pain, and then we will find a strategy to achieve a healthier and balanced way of life for you by using a combination of best acupuncture care, Chinese herbal medicine and changes to your lifestyle.

Let’s stop your pain and discomfort and start a journey to a better life!

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